Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd has a proven record of successfully delivering rail infrastructure within live rail corridors, train stabling facilities and during time critical track possessions across the Sydney Trains and Sydney Metro Network.

Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd employs accredited Rail Industry Workers who understand the risks and safety requirements of working in the rail corridor and our plant is Sydney Trains compliant with height and slew restrictors.

Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd provide the following service to the rail infrastructure market:

  • Earthworks
  • Track Drainage
  • Combined Service Route (GST & GLT)
  • HV Feeder Cables Under Line Crossing (ULX)
  • Stanchion Foundations
  • Platform Culverts
  • Protection Slabs
  • Utility Adjustments
  • Hi-Rail Plant
  • Labour Hire
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