Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd is a market leader in the provision of drainage and utilities on major infrastructure, construction and land sub-division projects.

Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd can provide a tailored solution to your project by offering a one stop utility shop as we offer multi-skilled crews, which provides project efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Drainage Infrastructure
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Electrical Infrastructure
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Drainage Infrastructure

  • Traverse Drainage
  • Trunk Drainage
  • Culverts
  • Storm Cells
  • Gross Pollutant Traps

Water Infrastructure

  • Water Reticulation (<375mm Dia)
  • Trunk Water (>375mm Dia)
  • Steel Pipelines
  • Recycled Water Pipelines
  • Sewer Infrastructure (1800mm Dia)
  • Manhole Construction

Electrical Infrastructure

  • Conduit Installation
  • Cable Installation
  • Cable Pits
  • Cable Bridges