Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd employ a team of skilled operators who have worked across our road, rail, tunnel and land sub-division markets, which has enhanced their knowledge and skills set to make your project easier.

Civil & Tunnel Pty Ltd supply a fleet of modern earthmoving plant and equipment that is maintained to the highest standards by expert technicians for hire and contract works, including:

  • Excavators 5-50 Ton
  • Tunnel Spec Excavators With Short Booms & Rotating Booms
  • Hi-rail Excavators 5-15 Ton
  • Attachments including rock hammers, rock saws, twin headers, rippers, compaction wheels, tilt buckets, grabs & pile drivers
  • Dumpers (Hi-rail)
  • Ejector Dumpers
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • Compaction Equipment Truck & Dogs
  • Vacuum Trucks
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